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Phillips to 100 hours of community service and three years probation. Error: twitter did not respond. Hot girl! blake lively is an american actress and model. He also faces charges of defamation and sexual exploitation of a child.

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Alex phillips nude girlfriend photos. While claiming that his goal was not to harm the girl, phillips acknowledged that, “he probably should not have done this,” according to the may 20 court filing. Defamation in la crosse county circuit court. They are looking for their 15 megabytes of fame,” she said. When contacted by police about the two images, phillips, 17, balked at removing the pictures of the girl. Alex phillips, 17, of w4300 hwy. She said they were personal photos that were “exploited without my consent,” according to news reports at the time. But is this really a child porn case?


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As awful as his behavior is (a report says that when cops warned him about possible jail time, he replied “fuck that, i am keeping them up”), it’s an interaction between two minors. Adding insult to idiocy, when a police officer called phillips to inform him that he’d face charges if he didn’t remove the photos, einstein is said to have responded, “fuck that, i am keeping them up. The pair were apparently quite close, so close that she, as teens these days do, gave him two cell phone-captured pictures of herself.

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