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Amateur surgeon 2 cheats

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Amateur surgeon 2 - free online game from adult swim

I’m pathetic, i know but there’s this like, metal looking thingy near one of his cuts and i think it’s. You need to rack up the “awesome”s and not miss with the needle to get an a. Now use your pizza cutter along the yellow line to get inside, and use your scanner and pizza cutter again to find the fake id(?). Which can be ‘farmed’ by certain tasks that spread damage over time without your involvement, such as poison and fire burns. You can, in theory, use the mouse to click the alphabetically-arranged keys on the keyboard to type in the words, but i’m not sure it can actually be done, as the final few words are very fast. Once you get both groups of live eggs back to the tray, move the dead eggs over (which you can do much more quickly; dead eggs will never respawn) and heal all of the burns with gel. (note: if you are more concerned with getting an a on this level than simply finishing it, jump to the tips section before completing this step).


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Amateur surgeon 2 cheats. I prefer to kill both crabs before i heal any of the wounds because live crabs make new wounds, so repeat the same procedure on these two crabs (hold the chainsaw on a crab, watch it lose its shell and keep holding until you see blue gunk and/or x’s for eyes). Difficult but doable on my touchpad. Here the story is very much the same as it was on the exterior: remove the 2 shards of glass with tongs and stitch up all of his major wounds before burning and gelling all wounds. Always deal with the poison before dealing with any creatures and you should be able to ace this level, too.


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(fortunately, the rope doesn’t retreat too quickly, and you should only have to life your mouse once). But overall, alan probe: amateur surgeon 2 stands out as the sequel fans of the original have been hoping for. Use the pizza cutter on the yellow line to reveal 2 crabs on her liver.

Amateur surgeon 2 hacked (cheats) - hacked free games

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