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Do men hold penis when peeing

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Do guys hold there penis when they pee? | yahoo answers

Usually i hold on, but if i am drunk i let that bad boy hang free. You know who you are. Then i tuck my dong back, bend over, and aim upside down through my legs. But if any of those factors change, or if things start to go astray suddenly, well, more hands on control is necessary. Women are always getting angry at men for leaving the seat up. Ps i do not have a penis, nor have i ever seen a man pee. I don’t think there is a wrong way unless you’re holding it straight up to pee in the air, or shake you butt while you do it, that might be odd.

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What do guys do with their penis after peeing? do they wipe it with toilet paper, shake the drops, or do nothing but put it in the underwear? - quora10 things that happen in the boys bathroom girls dont know about

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How do you hold your penis while peeing? - girlsaskguysDo you hold your penis while peeing standing up?Can you piss without holding your dick? | ign boards


Do men hold penis when peeing. Either urine, or you’re out. Sometimes i flush when i’m not even halfway done and then i have to rush to finish before the flushing stops. It changed my life. One dude leaks all.

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Why do guys hold their penis when they pee? | yahoo answersWhy dont men wipe after they urinate? - quora

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Obviously, if you’re sitting down on a toilet, unless there’s a boner situation, i worry about your intellectual capability if you have to aim anything anywhere. You should be required to use both hands and have a bullseye painted at the bottom of your john, and your father should probably be slapped for letting you get to adulthood without the ability to piss in a toilet. I once saw a guy in a gas station in belgium get out of his car and pee on the *fuel pump*.

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