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Husband pantie shaved

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Why i like my men to wear lingerie | pairedlife

There i was with ky jelly all over the glove, not really knowing where to look or what to say next. My husband wears pretty panties, and i love it. I was completely rigid, barely able to move at which point she shouted, “just try and relax – if you don’t mind i’d like to keep my finger for the rest of the afternoon. I’ve also noticed that it alters my mood, i’m far more calm and loving when wearing panties and i wear them for the feel and the feminization mostly rarely for the thrill of being caught.


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Husband pantie shaved. I have respect for people so i choose not to wear this stuff in front of them making them feel awkward or uncomfortable so i usually wear more appropriate attire. I love the man i married and i have accepted that we all have our peculiarities. There is nothing wrong with experimenting. She would giggle every time i made a mess in my panties. I knew she thought i was a complete wimp. Yes i am also not a cross dresser.


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Y husband shaves his pubic hair like a woman and wears my panties

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