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Insane landing strip

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8 of the craziest airport runways in the world - thrillist

If that wasn’t fun enough, the plane will then need to stop on a dime. Take-offs are just as nerve-wracking as aircraft thunder down the sloping runway in an attempt to take to the skies before encountering the steep drop at the other end. Instead, the aircraft will drop down into the deep valley of the ohohbeng river until it gains enough speed to enable it to fly out of the canyon. Thin air at this altitude means less lift, which also means high speed landings and take-offs on leh’s 2752m runway. This runway was actually built on the sea, pilots have to skillfully circle the tall mountain of gibraltar and touch down. Although the runway was extended after an a320 pilot landed his aircraft 400 metres beyond the threshold, causing it to fall off a 20-metre embankment at the far end, the airstrip is still on the short side of comfort at 2163 metres. The landing and take-off strips here are very short.

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Madeira airport, madeira, portugal

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Insane landing strip. Only certified pilots are permitted to land at this high-altitude airstrip in the saint-bon-tarentaise region of the french alps. I wonder how close he came to them as they fell? in the usa these maneuvers and bank angles would have been classified as aerobatics and prohibited in this type aircraft and over the airport. He obviously landed at an excessive speed, too, based on the attitude of the aircraft in the wheel landing he performed. It’s also busy, with over 50 flights a day in the climbing season, and crashes are not unknown among the twin-engine short-take-off-and-landing aircraft that operate here. There is no go-around procedure, miss your landing here and you’re boxed in by the mountains.


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Flights are restricted to visual approaches only yet the pilot is unable to see the runway until just 500 feet above it. It’s also short, at just 537 metres. No wonder it made it onto our round-up of.

9 airports around the world with the scariest landing strips! crazy!

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