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5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with japanese people - japan today

Try forgetting you’re in japan, just go out and act normal. Everything is superficial and friends are hard to make. The strays are can be women or men, but many are men. These days i prefer to have natural, normal conversations with people who don’t have cultural differences at the front of their minds. The japanese friends i do have are people i’ve met outside of work (plus a few former co-workers), and have nothing to do with my business. I quickly made a lot of “friends,” but i discovered they were fairly shallow relationships. Japanese news gets hung up on stories for days on end like samuragochi, and this stap saibou thing.

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Japan home spank. I pissed myself laughing because actually i was the only gaijin! i love that kind of thing. There ‘s more to making friends than language. This one has also has some additional information added in the header and summary. I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone with that attitude and wouldn’t waste my time talking about anything more than hello how are you, get off your high horse and stop looking down on people who don’t fit in your criteria. I am curious as to the reason for the downvotes. Even after being in japan for years there are very few ‘tomodachi’ i would be able to refer to as more than ‘acquaintance’ in english. I lived in both countries.


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Hey, while there are foreigners who have a hard time making friends in japan, there are plenty of foreigners who make life-long friends with japanese people, and with your great attitude to learn the language and culture, i am very positive that you will be liked and will make friends with japanese people. One of the best acquaintances i’ve met in the teaching world, was a maths teacher at the junior high school i was working at.

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