Musick Jail – Larry Agran & Beth Krom Got Us Where We Are Today!

Christina Shea

A lot of Irvine residents are upset over the expansion we are now fighting at Musick Jail.

I want to remind Irvine residents of the agreement that was reached in February of 2000, when I was Mayor.  Councilmembers Smith and Ward joined me in voting for the settlement agreement.   Councilmembers Agran and Christensen voted against the agreement!

Our agreement of February 2000 capped the jail numbers and only allowed for minimum security prisoners.  With the Agran/Krom majority taking control, in December 2000, they overturned this two and a half year negotiation agreement.  Supervisor Todd Spitzer worked with me as Mayor and negotiated with my Council majority, to maintain a low level jail at Musick.

We wouldn’t be looking at a present proposal of over 7500 minimum, medium, and maximum security prisoners in our back yard, if Council member Larry Agran and Councilwoman Beth Krom, hadn’t irresponsibly overturned the best deal for Irvine!

Our residents need to know the truth about Musick Jail and additionally, the exciting proposal to build up to 65% of our Great Park.

Tomorrow night is the deciding vote!  I look forward to discussing the merits of this project, honestly, again, and without all the political posturing we have seen these past many years, which continues today.

Original Musick Jail Agreement

Below is a link to a website where Councilmember Krom writes, in part:

“At my very first meeting as a City Councilmember, I cast the deciding vote to rescind the agreement the prior City Council had made …”

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