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My wife says my penis is small


Male self concept and small penis syndrome

Instead he flatters me! In this, they lack knowledge that teenagers grow and mature at different rates. 5 inches and i’am a virgin and i believe that i couldn’t satisfy any woman because my penis isn’t big enough to pleasure any woman if i had an 8. I know it puts women, who are on the other end of the penis, on the spot but either be better liars when you reject us or tell the truth.

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My wife says my penis is small. A roosevelt said that (not sure which one) he said he knew he had a small penis etc. I cannot comment on how quickly penises wear out. My buddy at work has a dick that is at least 9 inches long and i’ve been sleeping with his wife for months. Some of the men in these pictures were very young (we have children so this was a huge concern). Pornographic material exaggerates penis size into something totally unrealistic.


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Love matters

He has no comeback for that. Clearly also a 7 inch penis is almost universally regarded as adequate. Any women or mens magazine today will mention size and if its a survey the results invariably suggest one conclusion.

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