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Pornstar interview phoenix marie

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I’m a penthouse pet. Phoenix marie is known for her. Darling says she has encountered much less racism and stereotyping when she has worked on productions outside of the mainstream porn industry, particularly in bdsm. In some ways in mainstream porn there’s this idea that black women aren’t as marketable, that we’re not as innocent as, say, a blonde white girl,” she says.


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Pornstar interview phoenix marie. Phoneix marie! your are right about miami! i just got back last tuesday and it was fucking humid and hot! and i lived there for 5 years (88- 1993) and damn! its defiantly a rich mans town now! murder rate is thorugh the roof and the people attitudes suck! its becoming a overpriced shithole. And, maxwell says, it can simply mean a black man, regardless of the woman’s race. Some in the industry write this off as additional compensation for female performers to work with men with much larger penises. I’m hoping after tonight it’ll be avengers: age of ultron. A standard “boy-girl” scene generally earns a female star around $1,000, according to mark spiegler, one of the industry’s top talent agents. The reason for that, she says, is that agents assume that black women will have shorter careers anyway, so there’s no point in staging a gradual escalation of taboos.



Thank you all for being so amazing to me. There are some female stars who avoid “ir” for exactly this reason.

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