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He came in a sock and just tossed it out the window. I was giving a guy a blow job in my kitchen while my on-again-off-again boyfriend was on his way to see me. I turned my head as he came because i didn’t want it in my eyes. Because of the angle, cum ended up coming out my nose. Once, we got both of our, um, liquids, all over the bottom of his t-shirt. I had a horror story the very first time a guy came in my mouth.


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Walk after facial cum. He ended up coming all over me, himself, and like, everywhere else. Whenever i had sex with my ex, he always kept his shirt on. It was real messy. I had gone to his house in the morning and then had to head out to an event after.



My boyfriend and i were hooking up in a car and it was very unplanned. That all stopped after this one time. By using our site, you agree to these terms.

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