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After biting the fleshy part of the cheeks, you might move toward the asshole but back again before making contact. You can do something about the pain. You can also learn. Try a figure-8 with your tongue to switch things up. Plus, the asshole is full of all sorts of nerve endings that make something like eating ass feel fantastic.


Positions for a rim job


Women licking assholes free. It also acts as a barrier that can make you more comfortable during a rim job. And avoiding razor burn or ingrown hairs. Things get started rather than trying to hold it in. Bacteria from the anus can also cause infections in the mouth or vagina if those bacteria spread. Using a dental dam is one option to prevent spreading bacteria. You can lick the cheeks before moving to the asshole.

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All models were over the age of 18 at time of photography. You can also use an electric shaver, which removes hair but is less likely to cause nicks and cuts.

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